Elon Musk's New Favourite Puppy On Its Way To The Mars!

Green Floki is a Deflationary Token part of the Red Floki Ecosystem. Green Floki, much like Red Floki, only Charges Sell Orders with No Fees on Buys. By HOLDing both, you join an Ecosystem that Rewards and Protects You.

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About Us

As the Team Behind the Red Floki Ecosystem, We First Created Red Floki to Take You to the Moon. After Red Floki's Success, We Bred Green Floki to Support and Follow The Legacy of Red Floki.

By Formulating the Tokenomics of Green Floki to Work with Red Floki, We have Ventured to Make the Healthiest Community on Binance Smart Chain For You!

Gain Diversified Profits Through Two Tokens

Green Floki Rewards HOLDRs by Distributing 3% of Every Sell Transaction Back to HOLDRs in the Form of Red Floki and Green Floki Tokens. HOLDRs Earn 1% of Every Sell Transaction as Green Floki and Red Floki as the Other 2%.

This Way, Green Floki and Red Floki Reinforce Each Other as a Binary Investment with More Exposure than Either Token Could Have Alone.

Token Info

1 Quadrillion

Max Supply

Binance Smart Chain

Token Network

Green Floki

Token Name


Token Symbol


The Green Floki Code Equips the Token with a Max Transaction Limit at Every Transaction and a Max Wallet Balance Limit for Each HOLDR. This Way, More HOLDRs get Rewarded Rather than a Few Whales.

Additionally, Only those Selling Off Green Floki Tokens get Charged the Transaction Fees Mentioned. To Bring You the Same Gains, We Made Sure We Followed the Same Values as Red Floki When Making Green Floki.

3% HOLDR Rewards In 2 Tokens

Just Like Red Floki, Green Floki Rewards its Community as a Priority. That's Why HOLDRs Get Rewarded 1% of Every Sell Transaction as Green Floki and 2% as Red Floki. Since Rewards Only Accumulate from Sell Transactions, those Leaving the Community Create these Rewards For Loyal HOLDRs.

3% Automatic Liquidity

Green Floki Also Protects HOLDRs by Automatically Depositing 3% of Every Sell Transaction into the Liquidity Pool on PancakeSwap. As the Liquidity Pool Grows, the Volatility of Green Floki Shrinks, Leading to a Safer Token with Steadier Gains.

3% Burn

Another Way Green Floki Protects You is by Burning 3% of Every Sell Transaction. This Way, the Total Supply of Green Floki Keeps Decreasing and Inversely Increasing the Price. As More People Join Green Floki, More Transactions, and Thus Burning, Occur, Leading to High Demand with Low Supply.

3% Marketing

3% of Every Sell Transaction is Distributed to the Red Floki Team For Marketing Uses. Essentially, the Team Will Have a Stream of Funds Available to Keep Developing and Growing the Green Floki Project to Create More Profits For You and All HOLDRs.

Why Green  Floki?

Made by The Red Floki Team

We Kept All Our Promises with Red Floki and, We Intend On Doing the Same With Green Floki.

Doxxed Developer Team

As the Red Floki Team, We Have Opted to Remain Non-Anonymous. This Way, You Can Trust Real People and Not Just a Marketing Campaign.

Earn Passive Income

The Tokenomics of Green Floki Got Fine-Tuned to Help Create a Rising Price. HOLD Green Floki and Enjoy the Multiple Methods the Token Uses To Take You to the Moon.

Our Roadmap

  • New Website and Branding
  • Social Media Channels
  • Fair Launch
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Launch of our Official Whitepaper
  • Audit Applications and Reviews
  • Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
  • Charity Donations
  • Community / Team Building
  • AMA's
  • Giveaways
  • 30k Twitter Followers
  • 30k Instagram Followers
  • 30k Telegram Group Members
  • Green Floki Swap
  • Listing on Major Exchanges
  • Influencer Marketing Push
  • Launch of Merchandise
  • Further Partnerships
  • NFT and Games
  • Further Ecosystem Development